My First Post (and my plans for the future of this website)

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Hello and welcome to my digital marketing blog. I am someone who developed an interest in digital marketing when I wanted to find a way to let the world know about my artwork (and about all the art, literature and culture in the world that inspired me and my art). My interest in digital marketing has now become a passionate journey, and I would like to invite anyone who reads this blog on this journey with me. Carry on reading to find out how I plan to carry out this journey:

General blog posts about things that interest me…

My first plan to simply write blogs posts that anything that interests me, while practicing and learning about marketing tools and techniques like SEO (search engine optimisation) in the process. This may sound boring, but my interests in art history, literature, TV, movies etc. are far from boring; these are rich topics to write about and can produce hours and hours of entertaining content to read.

My Digital Marketing Diploma Portfolio of work…

I am currently embarking on a digital marketing course with the British Academy of Digital Marketing. The British Academy of Digital Marketing have given me many assignments to complete, and it is my plan to post these assignments, once completed, in this blog. This way I will eventually hopefully have an impressive educational digital marketing portfolio that I can be proud of.

My E-commerce journey…

The world of e-commerce and digital marketing are inextricably linked. For this reason I will post about my e-commerce journey here, and maybe include some links to my e-commerce website and blog. That way we can observe how learning skills in digital marketing can improve your e-commerce journey and experience.


If you have read this far, I am assuming that you have definitely decided to embark on my digital marketing journey with me (along with my blogging, digital marketing diploma and e-commerce journey). If this is true, then I advise you to make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any future blog posts. I hope you enjoy witnessing my journey.

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